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How much does medication abortion cost in the U.S.?

Information about the cost of a medication abortion should be obtained directly from the provider. The cost of medication abortion may vary significantly by location (state or city), type of facility (hospital, clinic, or private office), and stage of pregnancy. The cost of a medication abortion typically ranges from $300 to $500, which includes the costs associated with pregnancy testing, clinical exams, the medications, and consultations with a health care provider.

The cost of a medication abortion may be covered, in whole or in part, by an insurance carrier or health plan. Further, in certain states Medicaid funding may be available for Medicaid-eligible women. Many facilities also offer reduced (or waived) fees for low-income women, teenagers, and students.

There are a number of organizations in the US that are available to help women access affordable abortion care, including the Abortion Care Network, the National Abortion Federation, the National Network of Abortion Funds, and Planned Parenthood.

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